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Some electrician businesses offer one type of electrical service only. They specialize in residential work for example and have electricians trained and experienced working in people’s homes. Or they might specialize in commercial work. This means working in offices, factories, stores and so on. These services include installing lighting or repairing electrical equipment. Eli’s Electrical has both skill sets. Whether you need a home electrician in Bricktown or a commercial electrician in Bricktown, you can call us today for a free quote.

Among the various services a commercial electrician can offer is making a change to more energy-efficient lighting. Here is a look at how our efforts to move you towards being a more eco-friendly business can actually save you money.

Your monthly electrical bill is less

When you consider how long your office, warehouse, store is actually lit up for, that can add up to a lot of energy being used to light it up. The more energy you use the higher your bills are. Here at Eli’s Electrical, we can help you lower those bills. A commercial electrician in Bricktown can install more efficient lights that use less energy and thereby save you money.

Place of work is cooler

The fact is light bulbs generate heat. When you have a lot of lights that means there is a lot of heat. When your store is too hot, customers are reluctant to enter or to browse, and employees are uncomfortable and complaining. Businesses tend to turn up their air conditioning as a result, and that means paying more money for the energy to run it. It also puts a lot of strain on the air conditioning unit.

Call us today, and we can give you a quote on using more energy efficient lighting that does not burn as hot. Reducing the heat means not cranking up the air conditioning and the subsequent costs.

Electrician in Bricktown

You may then qualify for energy rebates

Our electrician in Bricktown can install green lighting that may then qualify your business for an energy rebate, or tax credits. These are offered to encourage businesses to make the change.

Replacing the bulbs is less frequent

Our commercial electricians can remove regular lighting and place in ‘green’ lighting. What is great about green bulbs is they need changing less often, and they do not have filaments that can blow. They come with a guarantee of lasting for some years in fact. Less bulb changing means saving money here too.


A commercial electrician in Bricktown from Eli’s Electrical has experience and training working in business properties. We are happy to discuss with business owners what we can do to help them and that includes saving money with energy-efficient lighting. Hiring professionals to carry out work such as this is important. It ensures things are done properly and safely.

Consider moving your business to energy-efficient lighting with our professional electricians. It saves you money and makes you a part of businesses around the globe working to make the world better.